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What our families are saying about Kinship Carers Cooking Club

We love our Kinship Carers Cooking Club, but don't just take our word for it. Find out what Kinship families think about the cooking club sessions, in their own words, by reading the feedback they've given us:

“I’ve looked after my granddaughter since she was a baby, she’s nine now, and I have never been invited to anything more than a coffee morning, but I’ve never gone because I thought ‘that’s not gonna be any good to her’. But what you’re doing is so simple and so brilliant, I love it. It will be so good for her to see other children like her just having fun”

“The cooking club is a great way to spend time doing a meaningful activity every week. For me it also lets me see what my nephew can and can’t do and what he needs to work on. He enjoys it so much and it’s helping to build his confidence and social skills by interacting with Anna and the other families. That’s also showing me different recipes to make and experimenting with some new foods I’ve not tried. Thank you all so much!”

“Since starting the Kinship Carers Cooking Club earlier this year. It has made a tremendous difference regarding the quality time my niece and I spend together. Every Saturday she loves the fact that she literally controls the kitchen, resulting in her cooking a delicious for us to eat together as a family. This has assisted to boost her confidence and feel more valued within herself. T has tried different meals that she would not have usually tasted; with each meal being succulent and we always enjoy it. We look forward to cooking club each Saturday.”

“The cooking hub is amazing!! As well as learning new dishes/recipes, it has allowed the children to see that there are other children in the same situation as themselves and so are not alone. I cannot stress enough how important seeing this has been for my children in feeling they are not the only ones that do not live with their birth parent(s).”

“It was delicious, she gets excited each week before cooking and really enjoys the sessions”

“Thanks for the cooking session and invite. I quite enjoyed the session and the kids loved it as well. It’s also a lovely opportunity for us to be able to participate.”

“Thank you for today we really enjoyed it”

“Thank you Anna Lou. S said he enjoyed that- I did too! Look forward to next week.”

“Thanks Anna Lou, dinner was delicious”

“See you on Saturday, T is excited.....”

“Thank you for a wonderful evening of fun & food”

“Thank you for another great cooking class”

“Thanks we really enjoyed it. M said she needs a shoulder massage after all that kneading!”

“Thank you so much. B really enjoyed it and we are loving the taste. Also thank you for the groceries very thoughtful.”

“Hi this is D me and A [13 year-old twin sisters) are making a photography diary from the food we are making in the class. I would like to say I really enjoyed.

Don't miss out! Kinship carers, or professionals working with them, are welcome to be in contact with us to register to join in future sessions.

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