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Welcoming back our Kinship Carers Cooking Club!

As the new school year has begun and we all come out of the emotional period of national mourning following the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we're grateful to be able to come back together with our supportive Kinship Carers Cooking Club for another year.

This year, our Kinship Carers Cooking Club is funded by a generous grant from The Postcode Society Trust. This past Saturday we came together virtually on our first zoom call of the new school year. First up on the menu was Cheesy Broccoli Mini Savoury Muffins! We've shared the recipe below so you can try them yourselves at home!

The Kinship Carers Cooking Club provides opportunities for kinship families to connect with

each other, try new foods, increase self-esteem, improve the health of their whole family by learning how to cook nutritious meals, and help with the cost of living by providing them with a family meal weekly and the knowledge and confidence on how they can recreate dishes on a budget at home.

We meet virtually via Zoom most Saturdays at 5:30pm, and in person one time per month 12-2pm at the Ewart Road Community Hall in SE23.

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 24 September- 5:30pm on ZOOM

Saturday 1 October- 12-2pm In Person @Ewart Road

Community Hall SE23

Saturday 8 October- 5:30pm on ZOOM

Saturday 15 October- 5:30pm on ZOOM

Saturday 22 October- 5:30pm on ZOOM

Saturday 29 October- 5:30pm on ZOOM

We're recruiting new kinship families to join us.

Register at:

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