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Here at Kinship Hub, we’d be lost without our partnerships with other amazing local businesses. We couldn’t do what we do without joining forces with them to help us bring our services to Kinship families, and our catering services to the community.

Telegraph Hill Centre- We are so grateful to the Telegraph Hill Centre for allowing us to use their kitchen for our Kinship Kitchen catering service food prep.

Coffeenlove Cafe- An Italian-charm match made in SE London, that’s what the Kinship Hub and independent coffee shop Coffeenlove Cafe partnership is. The lovely cafe owner, Giorgia, sells our delicious Kinship Kitchen food in her shop every weekend. Available each Saturday and Sunday at this lovely pet friendly New Cross Road cafe are delicious focaccia sandwiches and other sweet treats lovingly made by Kinship Kitchen. As ever, proceeds from sales go to funding Kinship Hub programs.

Oblutak- Our partnership with Jelena Belgrave of Oblutak was a natural progression. After Jelena taught our Founder/Director Anna-Lou how to ferment a few years ago, she’s now joined together with Anna-Lou to jointly run fermentation workshops in the community.

Feed the Hill- A food distribution project based in New Cross. Born during the first lockdown in response to so many vulnerable people not having access to food, Feed the Hill is a community foodbank and social supermarket in London SE14, with a focus on rescuing in-date surplus food which would otherwise be binned. Since day one, they have supported Kinship Hub by donating food items.

Neighbourly- Neighbourly is an award-winning giving platform that helps businesses make a positive impact in their communities by donating volunteer time, money and surplus products, all in one place. They have supported Kinship Hub by organising surplus food donations from M&S every week.

Goodgym/Volunteers- A big shout out to all the amazing volunteers that help us deliver food parcels to the Kinship Carers Cooking Club participants in South East London. Goodgym combine exercise with completing missions in the community. Every week, their cyclists help us deliver ingredients to families, enabling them to join in with cooking club. We also have individual volunteers that use other modes of transport to help us deliver food parcels to the families. We’re so grateful for all their efforts every week, without them the cooking club in its present form really wouldn’t be possible!

CFAB- Children and Families Across Borders- We’re proud to announce that this month we’re launching a partnership with Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB). We’re so honoured that we get the chance to work with this fabulous organisation! You can find out more about the great work they do for families and children both in the UK and abroad here. With this partnership, Kinship Hub will provide webinars to international kinship families abroad on the following topics:

  • Attachment and Trauma

  • Life story work

  • Contact with family members

Are you inspired by any of the partnerships above and want to see how you can get involved? Do you have a company that needs regular or one-off catering orders for meetings/team days/trainings? Contact us through our Kinship Kitchen page to discuss catering orders.

Do you have a food market/venue that Kinship Kitchen could provide you with food to sell? We’re always on the look-out for other great partnerships, and we can never have enough volunteers! If you’d like to explore the partnership or volunteer possibilities, then check out our Get Involved page.

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