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Kinship Carers Cooking Club Update!

Since starting Kinship Hub, the Kinship Carers Cooking Club has been at the heart of the business. Through weekly cooking sessions, we’ve cooked dozens of different healthy recipes with carers and children, brought isolated carers and children together virtually through the covid lockdowns, and have reached an ever-increasing number of kinship families over the last 2+ years. But here at Kinship Hub, the dream is to bring our cooking club to even more families.

We’re so happy to be able to announce that we’ve recently been awarded grant funding from the Postcode Society Trust that will enable the Kinship Carers Cooking Club to carry on beyond it’s current run through July. So, after the summer, we’ll be back with our weekly cooking club for kinship families from our base in South East London. But there’s more! The generous Postcode Society Trust grant funding will also support the opening of a pilot Kinship Carers Cooking Club in another area of London! More information will follow on the new London location and start date for those sessions, so watch this space!

This work has been made possible by an award from Postcode Society Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

*We’re still taking referrals for our current Kinship Carers Cooking Club run at , and you can find our current calendar and all the recipes we’ve made so far this year at

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