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Kinship Carers Cooking Club Jubilee Tea

We’re still buzzing from the extra long bank holiday weekend! To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we held an in-person Kinship Carers Cooking Club on Saturday 4 June at The Somerville. To mark the momentous occasion, our Kinship Carers Cooking Club made a Jubilee Afternoon Tea! The children loved spending time on the Somerville Adventure Playground, and also they all put such care and expertise into making some of the best looking cupcakes we’ve seen!

Regardless of whether we’re online or in person, we always have fun together for the Kinship Carers Cooking Club. But, it’s more than just the fun we have together, the cooking club is becoming a developing community of its own. It provides opportunities for kinship families to connect with each other, try new foods, improve the health of their whole family by learning how to cook nutritious meals, and help with the cost of living by providing them with a family meal weekly and the knowledge and confidence on how they can recreate dishes on a budget at home. The children get a chance to meet other children in the same situation as them, which helps with their sense of belonging and self-esteem. And speaking of self-esteem, we think you’ll agree they all have a lot to be proud of with all their hard work this week:

Here’s what the kinship families had to say about the day:

“Thank you everyone, we really enjoyed today ”

“Thank you you do an amazing job. The boys had fun”

“We had such a lovely time! Thanks for organising ”

“Thank you for organising today. S and A had a wonderful time x”

“We had a lovely day. Thank you all”

If you'd like to join us for our weekly Kinship Carers Cooking Club, register at: or to learn more, send us a message at

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