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Community Connections Lewisham Networking Event

After a busy week, we’re so excited to share with you about our day yesterday- we had our biggest Kinship Kitchen catering job to date! Community Connections Lewisham commissioned us to cater for 100 people for their networking event. We’ve worked with CCL before, they have us on their list of places they can refer kinship carers to for much needed support, and have been so helpful and supportive of us as we grow Kinship Hub, and so we were over the moon that they chose us to cater their event.

Community Connections Lewisham (CCL) is a social prescribing service, offering support to adults living in Lewisham that are looking for help to improve their health and wellbeing. CCL help individuals find out about local services and groups, and help them gain access more easily.

Social prescribing is a relatively new thing, but so far the benefits seem to be amazing. NHS England says: Social prescribing works for a wide range of people, including people with long-term conditions, those who need support due to their mental health, those who are lonely or isolated, and those who have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing.

People are referred to CCL link workers from a wide range of local agencies, including GPs, pharmacies, multi-disciplinary teams, hospital discharge teams, health professionals, fire service, police, job centres, social care services, housing associations and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations. Individuals are also able to refer themselves, CCL operates a drop-in session each Thursday from 2-4pm at: Unit C PLACE/LADYWELL, 261 Lewisham High Street SE13 6NJ

Social prescribing can lead to a range of positive health and wellbeing outcomes for people, such as improved quality of life and emotional wellbeing, and may help lead to a reduction in the use of NHS services, including GP attendance. You can read more about the research into Social prescribing here:

CCL is just one of a growing number of social prescribing services in the UK. The NHS and it’s key partners are working hard to invest more into social prescribing as a holistic approach to managing individuals' physical, mental and social health needs within the community. For those in, you can find your local social prescribing services/programmes on this map:

With all the good that CCL do for the Lewisham community, we knew we had to deliver a great menu for them. After a lot of thought and working together, we think we got it just right when we served:

  • Fried Plantain with Guacamole

  • Jerk Aubergine Skewers

  • Mini Samosas with Chutneys

  • Caribbean Spiced Pepper and Onion Fritters

  • Plant based Jollof rice

As this was our biggest catering job to date, it was all hands on deck for our current team of 3 at Kinship Kitchen- Anna-Lou, and kinship carers Sharon and Amanda who have both completed their food safety training through Kinship Hub, and have been invaluable members of the team ever since.

With this catering job, we’ve been able to not only offer flexible paid work to 2 of our kinship hub carers, but also make enough proceeds to fund 25 grocery packs for ‘family of 4’ meals for our Kinship Carers Cooking Club. Thank you CCL for your continued amazing support!

If you have an event coming up, please get in contact with Kinship Kitchen to discuss your catering needs:

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