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Announcing Our Newest Partnership- Kids Kitchen!

We’re so happy to announce that our newest partnership arrangements have been finalised! Starting this month, we’re working on a special project in collaboration with Kids Kitchen on a project very close to both of our hearts- offering online cooking classes for Kinship Families with children under 5!

From the first time we learned about Kids Kitchen, we knew we’d met another like minded social enterprise that we’ve got a lot in common with! Admittedly, they have been operating a lot longer than us, but our small social-enterprise business origin stories are very similar. Both Kinship Hub and Kids Kitchen have started with a big idea born out of our own small kitchens and a big dream/desire to bring healthy eating to children/families in our communities, to help the adults and children alike learn and develop the skills they need to make healthy meals from scratch, and have fun and build supportive communities while doing it!!

We think you’ll agree that Kids Kitchen values closely align with ours:

Kids Kitchen is... Fun – Sustainable – Inclusive – Collaborative - Open

  • We have fun – adults too! Kids Kitchen is about us all enjoying good company and good food.

  • We cook from scratch – and mostly savoury – recipes. Everyone looking after a child needs to think up at least two savoury meals a day!

  • We cook with simple plant-based ingredients – we avoid dairy, eggs and meat. This is the best way we have found to be cheap, sustainable and inclusive.

  • We use organic, local, ingredients where we can.

  • We talk about where our food comes from.

  • We share the eating as well as the making.

  • We actively involve everyone in activities. No-one is too old or too young to enjoy Kids Kitchen.

  • We create a space for us all to engage with each other. Being a carer can be isolating but it is also a great time to start new relationships that can last a lifetime.

  • We build connections – so many friendships and networks have been created through Kids Kitchen! We believe what we are doing is important and we want as many people as possible to be doing it too.

Click on this infographic for more information about the impact Kids Kitchen has made!

Kids Kitchen offers cooking classes for under 5s in Herefordshire, East London, South London and online! The recipes they use are all plant-based savoury dishes. Our collaboration with them will mean that Kinship Hub’s Anna-Lou will be running morning online sessions with Kids Kitchen fortnightly starting from the end of this month.


25th May: Kids Kitchen/ general public

8th June: Kinship families only

22nd June: Kids Kitchen/ general public

6th July: Kinship families only

20th July: Kids Kitchen/ general public

Thanks to support from the Lottery Fund for both Kids Kitchen and Kinship Carers Hub, these sessions will be offered to families free of charge, but we will need your donations and support to continue so please consider donating if you can:

Bookings will be taken from Monday, 9 May at:

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