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We are also a catering company!

As well as a social enterprise, Kinship Hub also runs a catering company, operating under the trading name Kinship Kitchen. Our bespoke catering and community cooking classes are a big part of how we fund activities for our families, providing a complementary source of funding to grants and statutory funding. For example, for every 5 people catered for, we're able to fund groceries for 1 family 'meal for 4' to enable them to take part in our weekly Kinship Carers Cooking Club. Additionally, the Kinship Kitchen enables us to offer our kinship carer members training, mentorship and flexible paid work opportunities.

We are available for:

 - Private and small event/Corporate catering 

 - Partnerships with local cafes/pubs to offer our food across various South East London venues 

 - Online and in-person cookery and fermentation workshops for individuals and companies

 - Community based group Kimchi/Fermentation courses             

 - Offering pre-order Kimchi or Gluten-free bread

* We specialise in gluten-free and vegan menus and are accustomed to catering for all dietary needs and budgets


and Salads




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Bespoke Cooking Classes

Available online or in person

Examples of cooking classes offered:

 - kimchi

 - fermenting

 - gluten-free bread

 - vegan bliss balls

 - three course vegan meal



Look out for our Community based Kimchi/ Fermentation Courses

Eat Kinship Kitchen Kimchi at home! Minimum 2 weeks needed to allow time to ferment

250ml jar= £5

500ml jar = £15

1L jar= £20

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Our 900g homemade loaf is:

 - Vegan

 - High in Protein

 - Made from a few ingredients (No sugar or nasties!)

 - So delicious, even gluten-eating people love it! 

Kinship Kitchen is registered with all the relevant local and national authorities and is subject to regular Health & Safety inspections. By choosing Kinship Kitchen, you will be directly contributing to Kinship Hub projects supporting kinship carers and their families. For more information please email us or find us on social media:

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“It was such a pleasure working with Kinship Kitchen for our birthday party. The cost is v

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